Get the technological advantage

The battle field is changing, you ? 

Military Energy Storage Systems (MESS - Power Army)

MESS Power Army

Now the energy is not an issue  

  • Robust high quality construction
  • Resistance to hard use
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Silent operation mode
  • Invisible to IR and Laser target system missiles
  • Minimal electronic trace
  • Automatic diesel generator management
  • One-button operation
  • Easy to transport
  • Design according to your needs

MESS Power Army can be used in two main modifications:

1.stationary for military basis, operating or data centres, radar and communication stations, airports, military field hospitals or labs 2.combat enables easy deployment, bulletproof container with special system of absorbing generated heat to minimize the heat footprint during combat.

MESS can be equipped with a transformer with 3 different primary windings which allow connection to 3 different grid voltages (e.g. 3kV,6kV and 10kV) depending on the most common transmission and distribution lines in the destination country.

In principle, MESS is an energy source for deployed field operation units and a back-up power system for strategic operational elements. 


  • Graphene superconductor technology - new technology of graphene superconductors that leaves behind any problems with compatible energy sources. Graphene, this superconducting material through nanotechnology application methodologies is a key component of the success of our energy cells. 
  • Ultra fast charging/discharging - 10kWh energy storage unit could charge with the fast charging equipment in 1 minute to get 100% of its nominal power or in 30 minutes with regular charging For example a 200Wh telecommunication system could work 48 hours with just 1 minute charging.
  • Long life span - the super-capacitor energy cells have the advantage over lithium batteries or other technology. They can operate in real conditions without overheating, without being overwhelmed by heavy loads or discharges as inside they do not use a catalyst. They can close 30,000 charge cycles DOD and 10 consecutive years of service without any maintenance. 
  • Immediate load performance - you have as much power as you need at any time without worrying about exceeding the limits or overloading the system. You just get the energy you need and the system responds instantly to this demand. This is due to energy cells that do not need to supply energy through a chemical process. Condenser cells store energy as static electricity and deliver it instantly without any stress on the material from direct discharge.
  • Deep unloading without affection on the following deep unloading cycles •Operating in extreme ambient conditions - either the ambient temperature is -30°C or + 55°C the system performance will not be affected as it does with lithium-ion battery systems or conventional energy storage technologies in general. With our technology there is virtually no yield curve based on ambient temperature since the temperature performance deviations are minimal. 
  • Easy transportation due to low weight - the weight-to-power ratio is another advantage of graphene superconductors technology. It is very important that there is less weight on the vehicles carrying this equipment.
  • Low thermal trace - system do not generate heat during operation.
  • Zero electronic noise.
  • Fully silent operation.
  • Innovative load balancing system between capacitor elements.
  • Possibility to charge on DC/AC or discharge on DC/AC on any voltage range.
  • Independent operation or in combination with other sources.
  • Improving the electricity quality from generators or other sources of electricity.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • System self-protection from any mismanagement or malfunction.
  • PLUG & PLAY technology - simple to use.
  • Ready for full operation after long storage.
  • No maintenance required.