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High-tech military systems and equipment

Stealth Systems - Make it invisible, critical infrastructure protection

Power Army - Energy storage systems for the battle field

Stealth Systems 

Make it invisible, critical infrastructure protection

The short electromagnetic wavelengths which characterize near and thermal infrared radiation permit the use of thin coatings to control absorption and reflection of radiation in these regions.

Coatings may also be formulated to combine reduced emissions in the thermal region with reduced reflection in NIR bands used for laser detection.

Power Army

Now the MESS, energy is not an issue 

Energy Storage Systems are an integral part of the power needs and are essential for its proper function. As the number of decentralized sources increases, so does the importance of Energy Storage Systems. 

They can be implemented in the production, distribution and consumption of electricity. 

  • Robust high quality construction
  • Resistance to hard use
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Silent operation mode
  • Invisible to IR and Laser target system missiles
  • Minimal electronic trace
  • Automatic diesel generator management
  • One-button operation
  • Easy to transport
  • Design according to your needs

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